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Strategic Focus

Brooks and Knights International Limited (B&K) is passionate about the service we provide to Clients. Our aim is for you to be delighted with the services we provide. This means knowing and anticipating your needs and continually leading the search for the best fit solutions which allow joint process improvements for our clients and B&K.

B&K is committed to engage,to represent and move forward your outsourced activities, and to provide excellence in service delivery and value for money, that will integrate seamlessly with your core business streams to produce a worry free service that Client can rely on with confidence.

As B&K identifies changes and trends impacting the business, our employees respond by developing resources that enhance the value of the relationship for all stakeholders which minimise business interruptions. We can do this because we are a strong local company with a solid “remote expertise in Nigeria backed up by the international standards and processes of our Partners. We offer a flexible and scalable support services solution that is based on our local knowledge of the operating environment whilst leveraging the technical resources formally provided by our Partners.

At Brooks and Knights, we take advantage of technological advancement to broaden our oil and gas field service delivery. We specialize in the supply of land rigs for oil and gas drilling operations, drilling equipments with maximum functionality and up-to-date mechanisms designed for effective drilling activities. For every method of oil and gas drilling operations, we have tested and certified fit for use equipment.

An in-depth knowledge of our drilling tools provides us the niche on the supply of the various drilling components needed for a successful drilling operation. In preparation for entering the oil and gas drilling market, We have improved the management of our equipment, examined and certified all the BOP and well control equipment, mud tanks, mud pumps and diesel engine generators etc., ensuring that we meet the industry’s constant innovations.

In the course of major asset acquisition, current replacements and upgrades, in-house tool redressing, precision machining, maintenance etc, B&K is proud to have under our management, a new and most versatile inventory of independent company-owned mechanical Workover Units, Casing & Tubular Running Equipment and Handling Tools, Milling Tools, Drill Strings and Down-hole Drilling Tools in the Nigeria Oil and Gas sector of operations.

We also have a committed pool of highly trained, experienced, and truly tested HWO/Snubbing Crew, Horizontal/Multilateral Experienced Casing & Tubular Engineers are also available as well as Drilling Supervisors on Rigs, Drill Stem Design and Well Engineering Consultants.


view rig specs summary.

We rent/lease out different types of drilling equipment to our client on specified request. This is made easily achievable for the reason that our technical partnership with Zhongman Petroleum Equipment Company (ZPEC) Shanghai, a major manufacturer of drilling equipment and their components, provides us the opportunity to leverage on their expertise and always meet our clienteles’ desires below are equipment that are in our stock for rent.

B&K offers the offshore oil and gas industry, companies that by their very nature insist on the most rigorous standards, a full spectrum of marine services based on a range of innovative, latest-generation and highly productive vessels. B&K provides oil and gas clients with a comprehensive range of marine support services for exploration, development and production in deepwater offshore and continental offshore. The range of marine services (Vessel Support) offered includes:
• Offshore installation supply
• Offshore installation anchor handling, towage and positioning
• Offshore oil & gas production and storage terminal support
• Personnel transport
• Assistance, salvage and pollution remediation

Offshore installation supply
B&K Marine Services has developed expertise in offshore installation supply through its fleet of Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) that can transport equipment and special products to the platforms. In addition to their huge deck area that enables all types of equipment to be transported, they have sizeable storage capacity for fuel oil, base oil, freshwater, water for industrial purposes, methanol e.t.c.

These vessels also offer a number of innovations which increases hold storage capacities and offers great flexibility for the tanks.
PSVs enable B&K Marine Services to deliver operational excellence through their exceptional maneuverability due to class 2 dynamic positioning (DP2) and to efficiently manage fuel consumption through diesel-electrical propulsion.

PSV take equipment and special products to offshore platforms. In addition to a large deck area for the transport of all types of equipment, including extra-large and non-standard dimension packages, they offer sizable storage capacity.

Offshore Installation Anchor Handling, Towage and Positioning
Offshore anchor handling, towage, positioning, maintaining and moving of oil platforms of the services B&K offers through the Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS) fleet.

AHTS carry out operations for positioning, maintaining and moving oil and gas platforms. They are equipped with powerful engines and winches and can tow drilling rigs, position and lift anchors, and deploy a range of equipment necessary for oil production. They have powerful engines and winches for towing drilling rigs, laying and lifting anchors, and deploying numerous items of equipment connected with oil production.

Offshore oil and gas production and storage terminal supports
B&K Marine Services offers its clients a dedicated fleet for offshore oil and gas terminal support and operations, specializing in particular in assisting FPSO (floating, production, storage and offloading) storage vessels at offshore terminals. These Terminal Tugs are dedicated for specialist interventions at offshore oil and gas terminals, and they are each equipped with a bollard pull from 70 to 100 tons and an OIL REC oil recovery system.

Personnel transport B&K Marine Services offers its clients a safe, reliable and economic solution for the transport of personnel and cargo. The fleet dedicated to this service consists of FSIVs (Fast Supply Intervention Vessels), for urgent supplies and emergency personnel, and Surfers for the rapid transport of personnel. FSIVs are very rapid and can simultaneously deliver urgent supplies and transport response teams.

Surfers also referred to as Crewboats, are fast moving boats which transport personnel to oil facilities and move them between different platforms. Transport capacities vary from 10 to 90 people, with a cruising speed of 18 to 40 knots. B&K is constantly innovating to enhance its range of crewboats.

Assistance, Salvage and Pollution Remediation
B&K provides coastal protection for the Nigerian Inland Waterways through the dedication of its assistance and salvage tugs for pollution remediation. These vessels provide prevention and protection for the marine environment by combating pollution when necessary.

Among other operations, it is responsible for recovering containers, laying buoys, and assessing pollution, all of which contribute to greater safety. B&K’s skills and expertise in anti-pollution operations are widely recognized in Nigerian and the West African sub-region.

B&K Marine Services is backed by a comprehensive training program that has been established for its employees. Training is provided in loading / unloading packages, connecting / disconnecting loading hoses at oil facilities for product loading and unloading amongst others.

Brook & Knights International renders pipeline services in the categories stated below

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning
B&K pipeline pre-commissioning prepares your pipeline correctly before going into service, giving you years of trouble-free operation. Cleaning and drying your new pipeline reduces erosion, improves efficiency, maximizes throughput, and prevents hydrates from forming.

Starting with the filling and gauging, we prevent debris from entering the line using the correct filtration. If you intend to leave water in the pipeline for several months, we have the proprietary chemicals to control corrosion and protect your asset. We can validate the line integrity by hydro-testing to a variety of pipeline codes, allowing you to meet your regulatory obligations.

We can clean the pipeline using mechanical, chemical, or gel technology, depending on the specification, which will further mitigate against long-term corrosion.
For natural gas and petrochemical pipelines, drying is essential to prevent the formation of hydrates and give you the product purity you need. We reduce drying time and get you into production as quickly as possible using air, vacuum, nitrogen, or chemical swabbing. A final purge

Pipeline Commissioning
Brooks & Knights pipeline commissioning gets quality product into your pipeline safely, quickly, and efficiently. Start production immediately and reduce economic risk. Onshore, in high-pressure gas lines and high-purity petrochemical pipelines, keep your system safe and minimize product mixing with our temporary heating systems that prevent Joule-Thompson cooling. You’ll start production faster by maintaining product purity.

Offshore, rely on our environmentally friendly alternative to methanol or glycol hydrate inhibitors so you can startup safer while still complying with local legislation.

Our large inventory of diesel-driven pump packages is used to commission oil and refined product pipelines, allowing you to start flowing product and generating cash flow.

B&K pipeline maintenance services enable your pipelines to operate at maximum efficiency by keeping them clean. When you have to go offline, we substantially reduce downtime.
Our mechanical, chemical, and gel cleaning methods allow us to match your pipeline conditions and ensure debris removal at reduced cost. We clean crude oil, refined products, water, natural gas, and specialized petrochemical pipelines, including difficult-to-treat ethylene systems.

In an emergency, when your pump breaks down, we keep your pipeline flowing with a temporary pump during repairs. We’ll be there when you need us with our large inventory of pumps.

When your system needs repairs, call on our experts for pipeline decommissioning, including natural gas evacuation and nitrogen purging, to safely prepare for hot work.

Finally, before you put the line back into service, we’ll hydrotest it to ensure pipeline integrity. Pipeline drying is the next step so the product meets specifications.

BROOKS & KNIGHTS CPIG™ MFL and caliper pipeline inspection service helps you stretch your integrity management program dollars. The combination of MFL, caliper, and inertial data technology in one tool gathers three data sets in one run, reducing your overall inspection cost.

Our pipeline inspection service reduces the number of required verification digs with accurate data while ensuring you’re digging in the right location. The CPIG tool’s MFL sensors, combined with caliper technology, offer high-resolution metal loss and deformation data. We continually meet or exceed pipeline operator requirements for detection and sizing of metal loss and deformation.

Inspect challenging pipelines
The CPIG tool negotiates extreme ID reductions such as dents, heavy-wall pipe, reduced port valves, and tight bend radius. Our tools have also been engineered to perform dual-diameter inspections. We have the shortest inspection tools available. Costly and time-consuming launcher and receiver modifications are minimized or avoided altogether, saving you time and money in the field. For more information about our CPIG high-resolution MFL and caliper in-line inspection service, please call us or send us an e-mail.

BROOKS AND KNIGHTS INTERNATIONAL VECTRA™ high-resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) in-line inspection service reduces integrity management program cost by minimizing verification digs and maintaining full product throughput during inspection.
We offer a better combination of technology, which meets or exceeds pipeline operator requirements, for acquiring accurate metal loss and positional data. This technology includes tri-axial sensors, gas bypass with active speed control, and an onboard inertial measurement unit (IMU); we’re one of the service provider that offers this intelligent pigging solution.



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